BRITAIN: Jemima Goldsmith Khan buys 466 acre Robson estate, Kiddington Hall; property was ordered sold to pay Mrs. Robson a divorce settlement

This story was run in the Times of London a day or so ago. I am sure a lot of rich blokes in London are chagrined by this one since yet another bandit wife walked away with a sizable chunk of her husband’s inherited family fortune. But someone else’s loss is Jemima Goldsmith’s gain. Jemima, daughter of a wealthy English businessman(?) and former wife of a Pakistani politician (and girlfriend of Hugh Grant) just plunked down £15 million for the place which is described as “romantic” by those who are familiar with it. As I said, the piece she bought was only 466 acres and thousands of acres of the same property were sold to someone else. But Jemima got 466 acres. Which is good for her. Not so good for the husband, Mr. Erik Robson, who was ordered to sell according to the Times, and who was “desperate to hang on to the property.”
The thing is that the estate was in the Robson  family well before Erik married Chloe, his wife of 24 years. It had been in his family about 60 years as a matter of fact (he inherited it in 1982). But the judge ordered it sold to give Chloe an 8 million pound divorce settlement. 
It seems tragic that it should be sold just because they are getting divorced. I usually have very little sympathy for husbands who are creamed in a divorce (especially the aristocrats who marry air heads then cry foul when a divorce happens and they lose the shirts off their backs and the family estate as well.) But for some reason, I feel a little bad for Mr. Robson. It seems such a shame to lose such an estate. But I am sure Jemima Goldmith is laughing all the way to the bank. Word is, with a few cosmetic changes, she can turn around and make a cool 10 million pounds on a resale. She’s evidently a real estate guru. Good for her, at least.
For more, check out the Times of London article.