WASHINGTON/PARIS: Would Obama divorce Michelle if she posed pantless like Carla Bruni Sarkozy?

First lady of France Carla Bruni Sarkozy seems to be a major hottie with a penchant for posing nude or scantily attired. According to the New York Post, an auction is expected to occur this week at Phillips de Pury in London to auction off an in-your-face photograph of the French first lady in which she is bending over and not wearing pants, and seemingly not wearing panties as well. So all that hangs out are her buttocks as she bends over a library of books and photographs.
Interestingly, there is right now a movement in France to bring back french brothels, something to which President Sarkozy is vehemently opposed even though more than 50% of French people are in favor. I read on Huff Post that when Sarkozy was interior minister in 2003, he came down hard against prostitutes and brothels. Says Huff Post:

Sarkozy had previously come down hard on France’s sex industry. Back in 2003, while interior minister, he made “passive solicitation” a crime punishable by a jail term – meaning women could be judged to have been soliciting just by their appearance, even if they had not approached a potential customer.

This was interesting to me, given his choice of wife who, with all due respect, seems to think nothing of appearing in photographs looking like she is “soliciting.” Obviously, she is not like that. (She is not a prostitute and I am not saying that she is. I’m really referring to how she appears in the photographs, especially since her husband came down on other women for their appearance.) But it is curious how many nude and under-clothed photographs have surfaced of the first lady. These pictures, some of them, could easily be of a woman who worked in a brothel.
QUESTION: Would Michelle Obama’s marriage to Barack Obama implode if her not-so-ladylike past came to smack the American/global public in the face they way it seems to have been doing for Bruni Sarkozy? How would the American and international press handle this? It seems that in Ms. Sarkozy’s case, there is almost a disinterest in the scenario. Or, it is business as usual–it is even being treated as “art.” High art too. Would it be the same for Michelle Obama if identical photos of her were put on the auction block? Can one even conceive of Ms. Obama posing pantless and pantyless bending over a library of books?
It is puzzling how little reaction there is to the Bruni photos not just in France but around the world. And it is inconceivable that identical photos of Michelle Obama would have been met with the same reaction. I’m thinking it would be ten times the scandal of the Tiger Woods story. Barack would more than likely have been forced to divorce Michelle for the amount of bad press Ms. Obama would have received for a stunt like this, even though it happened before she was first lady.
One has to wonder, why the double standard?