NORTH CAROLINA: Wife, Cynthia Shackelford, awarded $9 million in alienation of affection case against New Yorker Anne Lindquist

NORTH CAROLINA: Thanks to the heads up from a reader, we have learned that a North Carolina court has awarded a wife $9 million dollars in an alienation of affection case. We had tackled this issue a few months ago in relation to the Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate Johnny Reid Edwards’¬†threat to sue Andrew Young (her husband’s campaign aid)¬†for alienation of affection and criminal conversation. We thought that Elizabeth had a viable cause of action for alienation of affection against Andrew and Rielle Hunter, her husband’s mistress and baby mama.
Anyways, someone must have actually read the referenced post because a couple of days ago, the person sent us a heads up by email, only I hadn’t checked the email (that’s my job) in days! So I missed this breaking news.
Wow. Nine million dollars. Is Ms Lindquist rich? She plans to appeal the case. I wonder if she is still dating Mr. Shackelford? I wonder if it was worth it?
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