ROME: Should Catholics divorce Pope Benedict XVI for his role in the church's sex crimes coverup?

An increasingly non-practicing Catholic myself, I’ve become even more skeptical in light of the recent explosion of sexual misconduct allegations against Catholic priests the world over. What I was wholly unprepared for, though, was the seemingly close connection that current Pope Benedict XVI has to the whole sordid mess. It seems when he was arch bishop of Munich – Joseph Ratzinger — he was directly involved in helping cover up a pedophile priest and unleashing the criminal onto unsuspecting Parishes in Germany where he (the pedophile) was free to molest other innocent children till his arrest for child abuse a couple of years ago.
The outcome of this papal brouhaha could literally mean my permanent secularization and rejection of the Church. I am watching quite closely as everyone else to see what transpires. If the Pope is unqualified to be a moral authority, what does one do next? How does one go to Church when the Rock is rotten? 
Ironically, my own disenchantment with the church had nothing to do with this filth. I have been personally fortunate that even though I have been exposed all my life to Catholic schools, churches and choirs, I have not personally experienced or witnessed any such heinous acts involving a priest and anyone in my close knit groups and community. (It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means I don’t know of it.)
This global explosion of accusations against priests in far-flung parishes in places like Dublin, Munich, Boston and Rome does give me pause, however. And the Pope’s proximity to these wrongdoers is gravely problematic on a personal level. I wonder if, as one person wrote, he is “toast” because of this? Is this the beginning of the end of his tenure as Pope? Will Catholics around the world call for his resignation? Will they get so sick and fed up of the mounting cases of rogue pedophiles masquerading as holy men of God, that they publicly demand a divorce from their Pope with “fraud” being the basis or grounds? Or is this just a witchhunt?
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