MINNESOTA: Denny Hecker faces jail time as of March 23 2010 if he doesn't cough up money to pay two of his ex wives

MINNESOTA: According to a Wall Street Journal report, auto mogul and newly bankrupt mega-millionaire Denny Hecker is in hot water with the Court. He has been ordered to cough up alimony payments for two of his ex wives (he’s had four and is now engaged to Christi Lowan) and two of the four are suing him for the monthly stipend. But he is claiming he’s so broke he’s had to get a public defender to defend the bankruptcy fraud case and so he can’t make alimony/support payments. The Court, according to the Journal, has pretty much come out and said, “we don’t care, pay, or do 90 days in the slammer.”
Denny is understandably defecating in his Armani suit but what is the man to do if he doesn’t any money? As one guy asked on a blog, “why doesn’t the court ask the wives to get a job?”¬† I have nothing to say on the issue. But I do have a question: just how many times does a man get married and divorced before he realizes he’s not marriage material and that the serial marriages are taking him to the poor house? What’s wrong with this guy?
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