LOS ANGELES: The big question for Sandra Bullock: To divorce him or not to divorce him?

To divorce Jesse James or not to divorce Jesse James? That is the question for Academy Award Best Actress winner, Sandra Bullock.
What will her answer be? It can’t be an easy inquiry for her. For me, it is a no brainer. This marriage is over. Not because he cheated. But because of who he cheated with (Sandra and the mistress are night and day) and because he pretented to be someone he totally was not and he pulled the wool over her eyes and most of all, he humiliated her in front of the entire world and ruined what should have been the most momentous period of time in her entire life.
But she took vows to stay with him till death. She took vows that said in sickness and in health. And sure, he did a bad thing. He deceived her and opened her up to ridicule in her community and the rest of the world. He made a total fool of her by his actions. He made her look like a blind, stupid, little idiot who doesn’t have a clue what is going on in her own marriage – and who is also not his type. After all, look at what he is cavorting with. Look at his first wife as well. Then look at Sandra. He’s clearly bored out of his mind with Sandra if what he likes looks like that tattooed freak he’s been banging. And I say that with all due respect to all concerned. But this woman is a tattooed freak who even allegedly is slightly anti-Semitic in terms of some of the tattoos she sports on her body. What does it say about him if he’s into that? What will it say about Sandra if she stays?
But maybe she really loves him. She certainly did a lot of gushing about him. She certainly waxed poetic about how perfectly suited they are. But he’s a mess and her not seeing that before she tied the knot is embarassing. How long did she date this guy? What was she thinking? He’s so not her type. What was she thinking? Was she desperate because she was 40? It is incomprehensible how she chose this guy even without the infidelity.
But maybe she loves him. Love is blind. Love is ridiculous. Love makes a holy¬†ass of all of us. On the other hand, love, smove. Who cares? Dump him, Sandra! He’s bad news. It’s not like you and he have kids together. You can adopt some kids of your own. Or try AI. Or maybe you will even get lucky and have a biological one of your own. You do not need James’ kids. And he doesn’t need your money. So why would you even contemplate staying? Divorce him. Well, maybe not. Maybe you can send him for sex therapy. Try that first and if he does anything like this again, then you dump him right away.
No. divorce him now. He’s bad news. He’s going to hurt you even more in the future. He cannot be trusted. And he has deviant desires you can never fulfill.