NORTH CAROLINA: Mistresses beware; courts in NC are siding with spurned wives in divorce cases and issuing big alienation of affection judgments

Just a heads up to all those women out there who allow themselves to be sweet-talked by fast taking, cheating married infidels in the state of North Carolina. Think twice. The husband (or wife) will not be held accountable for their breaking of their marital vows. The third party is the one who will pay. And big. North Carolina courts have been rather trigger happy with the payouts and mistresses are left with huge court judgments as a result. So the next time a John Edwards type propositions you, run. Don’t walk. The roll in the sack may or may not be satisfying. But in the end, it is you, not the child man (who is not responsible for thinking you are so hot and pursuing you like a sex starved fiend) who will be held accountable for his trangressions. Just ask New York mistress Anne Lindquist. She’s been ordered to pay spurned wife of her lover $9 million! For Alienation of affection. Husbands are not responsible for their sexual misbehavior. Wives are. Women are. Women always are!!!
Alienation of affection is not a joke. Especially when it is the husband who cheats WITH A WOMAN. That woman is going to pay for that man’s sins big time in North Carolina. If you are smart, don’t get played by these miscreants. Their wives and the courts will hold you, not the husband, responsible for his marital misdeed!
You have been warned.