Tim Blixseth on how to calculate the market value of your divorce

Tim Blixseth’s albatross is his former “millionaires only” club, Yellowstone, which, according to Associated Press reports, emerged from bankruptcy 10 months ago. Yea!!!
But just how does a guy like Tim Blixseth, whose former spouse Edra Blixseth got Yellowstone in the divorce settlement, “calculate” the “market value” of his divorce?
I don’t know.
It just sounded like a good question at the time I asked it and it’s been sitting in my drafts for weeks and today I finally decided enough. I am posting it on the board and I still have no idea how to answer my own question. Do you even know the story of Tim and Edra Blixseth? Well, the following three links should bring you up to speed pretty quick. Happy Wednesday! I have to run. I have a few constructive things to do today, like my taxes :]. I know. Ugh. But it’s more important right now than trying to get into Tim Blixseth’s head and figuring out how he thinks he can calculate the market value of his divorce. I mean, what does that even mean? What am I talking about? Am I slipping? Or what? Forgive me. This post is nonsensical. I should delete it but I won’t. I’m just in that kind of¬† mood today. Sure, I’ll hate myself in the morning. But right now, I don’t care so I am putting it out there, even though I realize it makes no bloody sense.
Well, see you later! Read about Tim and Edra below:
Forget everything I just said. Read the links:
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