SAN FRANCISCO: Is Jacqueline Getty entitled to Gordon Getty Jr.'s inheritance?

[GSMITHBOOK] No strangers to tragedy and setbacks, the Getty family is about to experience some public castigation if Jacqueline Getty, wife of grandson Getty heir Gordon Peter Getty, Jr. is the last woman to sing. She is making very big financial demands of her husband.
It is hard to say. Google does produce some hits when one Google’s the name “Gordon Getty” but most of what comes up is stuff on the father, not the son. The son seems to have been rather adept at keeping his name out of the press (at least as far as I can discern) and of avoiding his biography being shared on sources like Wikipedia. So in the rarefied world of Divorcesaloonland, that is very problematic because we get all out dirt from Wikipedia and Google.
I can tell you this: Gordon Peter Getty, Jr. is one of many, many Getty heirs. His family hails from San Francisco (there is a large contingency in England as well) and most of the male spawn had multiple wives and numerous kids. Notwithstanding, Mr. Getty, Jr. is still a very wealthy man, as his father, Gordon Getty was the one with control of Getty Oil which he sold to Texaco for how many billions? It looks like about $10 billion. In 1986 according to Wikipedia. This is a major return on the investment of Getty Jr.’s grandfather, J. Paul Getty, who in the 1930’s (about 15 years after he first struck oil riches in America) again struck it filthy rich by striking a deal with in the Middle east (in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), turning a $30 million investment into billions for generations of his family.*
But, so, where is Getty Jr. and Jacqueline Getty in all of this goobledeegook? Well, I’m not so sure. Jackie married Gordon in about 2000. About 10 years ago. That’s a long enough marriage, I guess. Were there kids? I can’t tell. Still digging, researching, so far I haven’t come up with any children. So the custody issue here is moot for now. What I am more concerned about is the issue of whether Gordon’s inheritance money is on the table for Jackie to grab in a divorce? Here in New York, inheritances are off the table. They are not a part of the marital assets unless they have been commingled with marital assets.
Well, the Getty’s lived large. They are great philanthropists and art enthusiasts as well. But their financial infrastructure seems to run pretty deep. The question is, how much of that actually belongs to Gordon Getty Jr. and how much of that can Jackie realistically get her grubby little paws on? I know she wants to continue to cavort in private jets. So he has access to a private jet. What else does he have? This guy is a descendant of one of the richest misers the world has ever seen! Wasn’t one of the Getty’s disinherited due to his divorce stipulation which dug too deeply in the family fortune? Boy. I have to do more research. I know nothing about these folks. Which Getty owns Getty Images, for example? The Getty Museum? Getty Design studio. Who owns what shares in what? There are so many different family trusts. And Gordon and Jackie got married in 2000 I am sure that they MUST have had a prenup. Besides, Jacqueline Getty. I can’t find her in any of the Getty family trees I’ve found on the Internet. Of course, the only one I did find predated their 2000 marriage
But TMZ says they are getting divorced. So I have to accept that they are. But I am not fully persuaded that Jacks is coming out of this as rich as she thinks she is. I mean, was she a trophy wife? Or was she rich in her own right when she hooked up with Gordon? How much can she realistically expect to net? Time, of course, will tell.
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*Source: Family Fortunes by Kaya Morgan