SAN FRANCISCO: Jacqueline Getty and Gordon Peter Getty Jr. to divorce – she wants $300k per month alimony

[GSMITHBOOK] According to TMZ, billionaire grandson of J. Paul Getty, Gordon Peter Getty, Jr.and his wife, Jacqueline, are poised to have a nuclear divorce. The Getty’s have been married about a decade. It is unclear at this time if there is a prenup (I am certain there is) but Jacqueline has filed court papers indicating that in order to maintain the marital standard of living, she will require about $300,000 per month alimony. This would mean about $75,000 per week (which would put her above Countess Marie Douglas David who requested $53K per week from her CEO hubby George David). According to TMZ, in addition to all the other perks, life with Gordon has meant half a million dollars per year in clothing allowances for Mrs. Getty,Jr. Stay tune. Something tells me we’ll be looking at this case from a few different angles before the judgment of divorce is finalized.
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