CHICAGO: Joseph and Rebecca Reyes continue their ridiculous fight over their toddler’s religion

The Joseph/Rebecca Reyes divorce continues to implode. I was privy to a 20/20 interview these two submitted to a few weeks back and I walked away feeling that Rebbecca Reyes was a very spoiled and unreasonable human being. Her husband Joseph Reyes was definitely passive aggressive. But Rebecca was spoiled, rigid and even a bit mean and I thought their fight over their toddler was totally ridiculous and a real shame. Admittedly, Joseph never should have baptized the child in the Roman Catholic Church without prior notification to his estranged wife. But what is the big deal with baptizing the child that Joseph was made to face threats of jail as a result? That seemed vaguely demonic on Rebecca’s part.
There are many people who marry others of other religions. The Jewish/Catholic marriage is fairly common place. What is the big deal with exposing the child to both religions? And letting the child choose later in life when they have free will and understanding? Rebecca is being very rigid and despotic and stupid about the whole thing in my opinion. She’s Jewish and feels that it will “confuse” the child to have her exposed to Catholicism. I say hog wash. First of all, both religions have more in common than they have that is different. Second of all, as I said, what is the big deal about a child being exposed to both? Give it up Rebecca. Get over yourself. It’s not that intense.
Now a judge has ruled that Joseph can’t take his daughter to Mass on Easter Sunday? This doesn’t seem right. This is his child too and it is no crime to take the child to Mass on Easter Sunday. It might even be culturally enriching for the child. It doesn’t seem right at all that the court is taking this stance. This situation is comparable to one where a parent speaks English and the other speaks Spanish and a judge rules that only one language can be spoken to the child. I say teach the child all the languages you possibly can. Let the child choose which language he or she prefers when they mature. I feel the same way about this case. Especially because the doctrines aren’t exactly diametrically opposed. And also because Rebecca is being so pig-headed about it, and so totalitarian, and so mean. Open your heart, Rebecca. It is cold. It is closed. It is not  good for your daughter to have a mother who can’t see beyond her own nose and venom. Work with your husband to do what is in the best interest of your mutual daughter. Come on!He’s her father. Respect that.
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