YEMEN: 12 year old child bride Sally al-Sabahi inks her divorce

YEMEN: Something untoward is going on in Yemen. There are all these little girls who are married before they even mentruate, and some are forced to petition the courts for a divorce. Folks need to start to petition against that around the world. The latest victim is 12 year old Sally al Sabahi. According to published reports, Ms. Sabahi is the 4th child bride to break free from the iron gates of the matrimony which no small feat given the social architecture and infrastructure that typically makes that all but impossible. Honestly, though, is it ignorance on the part of the adults? I can almost understand if this were, say, 30 years ago, when the laws and sensibilities of many countries were still in the dark ages with regard to these matters. But with broadband and bandwith and wiki and google, why is there even one country in the world left who hasn’t yet been clued in that this is not okay?
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