10 reasons that Sandra Bullock should NOT divorce Jesse

1. She took vows to stay married forever and Jesse hasn’t done anything worse than Bill Clinton.
2. He is allegedly bagging great family jewels which she will need from time to time.
3. She’s over 40 and it will be hard to find another more eligible bachelor who is not with her for the money.
4. Elin Woods had to contend with more mistresses and she’s staying so what’s the big deal if Sandra forgives Jesse?
5. She can just do a post nup that writes him out of her estate and keep him for the sex, companionship and ready-made Oscar date; he has his own money and he will be okay with that.
6. She’d basically be handing him over to the biker chick without a fight.
7. It will make her look like a sore loser.
8. Jesse is bound to be really sorry and will be willing to get sex rehab and would never do anything like this again.
9. It would usurp her Oscar win and she would become known as the actress who lost her husband a week after she won the Oscar.
10. His kids deserve to have a loving step mom since their own moms have so many issues and the biker chick (if he married her) doesn’t seem like the wholesome mother type.