PARIS: Are Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston a "divorce" waiting to happen?

Jennifer Aniston and her co-star Gerard Butler are in Paris promoting The Bounty Hunter according to TMZ. From the TMZ  photos, it looks like Jennifer has another loser on her hands. Hopefully she has enough sense not to marry this moron because nothing can come of it but a devastating divorce. Call me prudish but why would a man stick his finger up a woman’s bum in a public situation like this? If  Gerard Butler respected Jennifer Aniston even as a strictly platonic friend, and thought of her as a “lady”, and cared about her reputation,  he would never pose like that and put Jennifer is a bad light, like some cheap bimbo that some guy sticks his finger in her butt? What the hell is that?
Everyone can see the message this guy is trying to send. A man would never take that liberty with a woman if he hadn’t been intimate with her, unless he’s a loser who wants to pretend he had been intimate with her to bolster his reputation and denigrate hers in the process. My contention is, if he has been intimate with her, why announce it like that to the world? What a cheap shot, Gerard. And if he hasn’t slept with her, what he did is even more disgusting. It was just cheap and gross. Ew. Does he think it’s funny? Because it is not funny. I have a very well developed sense of humor and that is just not funny. It’s disgusting.
Either Jennifer is loser magnet or that photo was photo-shopped. For her sake, I hope it is the latter and if it isn’t and she’s dating him and contemplating sleeping with him ever in this lifetime? Then something is definitely wrong with Jennifer. She has low self-esteem or something. I don’t see how someone can be this consistent with picking losers like this. And if they think that photo is even remotely funny? Well, maybe something is wrong with me. But that is just a huge turn off. It really is. And in the future, he’s going to really let her down in a big way. This speech, this message he’s sending with the finger in her bum? It’s a big red flag. He’s more bad news for her. Real bad news.