NEW YORK: Divorce Saloon launches its online store with

Dear readers,
Our divorce blog has taken our brand to the next level by launching an online divorce store . This is the first online store totally dedicated to themed divorce products on the Internet that we are aware of (yes we are aware there is a store in the UK but this is the first one online.) Support us and be on the cutting edge of this new trend. At the Divorce Saloon Store you can pick up custom items such as mugs and t shirts and trucker hats with fun messages that reflect our theme and brand. Basically, we hate divorce even though we recognize that sometimes it is necessary. And mostly we are tongue-in-cheek about a lot of issues that pop up. Sometimes, we even try to find the humor in the whole thing, to diffuse all that anger and rage which so often can turn deadly. You can link to our online store directly from website here
Our affiliate store with was launched on March 26, 2010 and we intend to continue to provide carefully edited items that reflect our global brand, so expect frequent additions to our merchandise and selections. 
Please note that is a third party site over which Divorce Saloon has no control. Thus any purchases you make is with and from Zazzle and not from Divorce Saloon. We only create the stuff and Zazzle owns it.  Neither Divorce Saloon nor its affiliates can troubleshoot issues with payment, merchandise or any other issues you may have with using Zazzle. After clicking to our store, you are then in the province of and you should deal solely with Zazzle to troubleshoot any issues with that site. 
While Divorce Saloon respects the reputation of Zazzle to provide quality products, we make no guarantees about individual purchases. Divorce Saloon may make a small a commission on any purchased item but these merchandise are solely the property of Prices are set solely by Payment options, return policies and network issues are all the province of By patronizing this store, you agree to hold Divorce Saloon harmless for any purchase made from Please see our privacy policy and terms of use.
And Happy Shopping!
Best regards,
Divorce Saloon, New York