HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Sandra Bullock/Jesse James Divorce updates, 3/30/10

According to Radaronline, Sandra Bullock flew American Airlines from her Austin home and is now safely behind the hedges of her Hollywood Hills home and is speaking with her divorce lawyers as we speak. It seems the jury is out and Ms. Bullock sees nothing that she can salvage in her marriage to Jesse James. That’s always sad.
As for the custody battle between Jesse and his ex porn star wife, that’s probably on hold. Sandra was not a party to the action but she was an “associative” party and now with the whole fracas being what it is, be assured she is no longer going to be battling her hubby’s ex for the little Sunny.
Which law firm will Sandra hire? Trope and Trope? They get all the work. There are other high profile lawyers out there, like Gloria Allred. Although she would seem a wrong pick for Sandra. She’s more like Jesse’s speed, I’d say. Who are the top California divorce lawyers?…If I were Sandra I’d probably try to bring the case in Texas.
Boy. That Jesse. What a guy.