NEW YORK: High Society’s Tinsley Mortimer slums it in Midtown post-divorce

I have to get my hands on a television, dammit. In the meantime, I just found this blog, Guest of a Guest, that has all this gossip on Tinsley Mortimer, the newly divorced socialite who is now starring on her very own reality show. Seems the consensus is that since her divorce, Tinsley’s been slumming it in a downtown Manhattan loft. Says Guest of a Guest:

Fanny the Housekeeper shows up to Tinsley’s loft in The Midtown. Fanny, a Park Avenue veteran, is clearly horrified by the downgrade. She also knows more about Tinsley’s soon-to-be-ex Topper than Tinsley does, but refuses to give Tinsley the dirt. Jules Kirby would cut a bitch for this sort of subversion.

When you can’t even impress your housekeeper with your post-divorce living quarters, you know you got robbed in your divorce settlement. Who was Tinsley’s lawyer? How come she didn’t get appropriate real estate in her agreement with hedge fund manager ex hubby, Topper? Normally, the wife negotiates the marital residence so that the husband moves out and she gets the house. What nonsense is this that Tinsley was the one who had to move out and is now slumming it in a tiny cell in Midtown? Loft, smorft. I think Tinsley got shafted. No wonder she has to to a reality show to try to make the money. Well, she ought to take a page out of Paris Hilton’s playbook. Make a sex tape. Then, leverage that into a perfume line, and party hosting deals (Paris gets $500,000 just to show up at a New Year’s Eve party in Vegas!) Plus Tinsley needs to get a proper car. Paris drives a Bentley. I don’t think Tinsely drives a Bentley and this is a mistake because image is everything. What else can Tinsley do to increase her bottom line quickly? Well, the sex tape if critical. I mean, look at Erin Andrews. She’s a star of DWTS for chrissakes and it wasn’t even her fault the nude tapes got leaked. Tinsley absolutely has to do one.  Look what it did for even Kim Kardashian. Kim is not as successful as Paris, but still, she gives Tinsley a sense of how important it is for the sex tape to hit in order for these socialites to really make it. Then she can do a few beer ads, and then she can even do her own line of something, like beachwear, hair extensions, and/or shoes. Before you know it, she will become so relevant, you will be reading about her on the Forbes list of something. Maybe not the List of Billionaires. But still, she’ll be very relevant.
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