Going through divorce and you’re under 25?

The divorce rate for people under 25 tends to be higher than the divorce rate for people over the age of 25. Why is that? Who knows. It could come down to immaturity. That’s the easy answer. But there may be more to it than just that. This post does not seek to answer the question of why the divorce rate is higher for those under 25. We seek only to offer some pointers for this demographic.
Well, for starters, the issues are basically the same in most divorces: custody of children, distribution of assets and…well, that’s pretty much it. Most divorces come down to the kids and the money. And if one really wants to bring it down to its nucleic state, it really pretty much comes down to the money in 99 percent of the cases. The great thing about getting divorced under the age of 25 is that most people have not yet amassed their fortunes by that age. It is extremely rare to find that someone under the age of 25 is a self-made millionaire. Yes, it happens. Look at the guy who founded Facebook. Look at Britney Spears. But it is not all that common-place. What that means is that there is unlikely to be hugely protracted divorces fought over money for this demographic. That, therefore, eliminates about 99 percent of the cases.
But for the other one percent, they could be fighting over inherited money that has been commingled with marital assets. Or, they could be fighting over the kids. We have taken a position on this divorce blog that we advocate joint custody for children. It has taken a lot of time to formulate that position, but in the end, we just feel that no matter what the ages of the parents, children deserve to have both a mother and a father if at all possible. It is certainly not easy to raise children as a single parent. I should know because I had to babysit my niece and nephews (three of them) today – all day- and it was just ridiculous. I broke a sweat a few times and I don’t normally sweat. I found myself wondering why would anyone fight against having help. Why would joint custody be objectionable to anyone. It is one thing if one of the parents do not wish to participate as an active parent. But if he or she is, why fight it?
Of course, if there is a lack of maturity, or there are issues such as violence and drug use (this of course is not endemic to the under 25 demographic) then surely, perhaps joint custody is not in the children’s best interest. But hopefully, more parents will begin to see how damaging it can be to a child not to have the rich experience of having both parents in their lives to care for them.
People under the age of 25 often have completed college and some may even have completed a masters degree or even a professional degree such as Law. Be aware that professional licenses can be marital property – especially if you were married the entire time you were studying. What that means is that even though you may not have a lot of liquid assets to distribute, you may have to worry about paying your spouse future incomes from whatever revenues are derived from these licenses.
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