Is the iPad the new "other woman?"

Is Steve Job’s new tech toy the new “other woman” who is sure to leave in its wake a litter of broken marriages and angry women who feel their husbands have deserted them for a new love interest? Will the iPad “steal” women’s husbands away? This is a very troubling thought.
The zeitgeist seems to be swaying in favor of the new gadget from Apple and you can be sure more men than women will be the first to line up to spend up to $899.99 for the the next hottest thing. As if they need any more toys. But Silicon Valley and Steve Jobs in particular, hardly seem to care. They promise all these irresistible perks for iPad owners just like they did with the iPhone and the iPod. Guys may be able to resist the average tattooed dominatrix but they are not going to be able to resist those apps that the iPad is packing according to Jobs and so I just wonder whether wives need to worry about this, whether the iPad will effectively become the “other woman” with whom America’s wives need to compete for their husband’s attention….and I wonder who will win? Because the only thing a wife probably has over the iPad is probably going to be her ability to consort with her husband. And what if somebody comes up with an app/avatar thingy that can do that just fine? What are we looking at here?
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