Birth rates up for women over 40 in spite of recession; divorce to blame?

The Associated Press is reporting that according to the Center for Disease Control and the Pew Research Center, women over 40 were the only group that had an increase in the number of births during the recession that began in 2008. When compared to teen moms and women in their 20’s and 30’s, fortysomething women were the only group that had a marked rise in the rates of birth. No one knows exactly why this happened. It almost makes sense that women put off child bearing during a down economy. But one Associated Press report had this to say about the matter:

Some speculated that more sophisticated assisted reproduction services may be paying off for older couples, or perhaps some divorced women are choosing to have additional children with a new partner later in life.

So it seems that the reason for that might be attributable to rising divorce rate (although divorce rates fell during the recession) and the fact that newly divorced women desired children with new partners. I am not personally buying this argument. I think it’s simply a matter of the biological clock and an improvement in technologies that is helping women over 40¬†bear children in greater numbers – and these women are not likely to be dissuaded just because the Dow decided to implode. The could care less about the DOW and normally, by that age, women have their act together, have saved some money, and are even dabbling in single motherhood. So I think the argument that the rates increased due to divorced women racing to have children with new partners is specious at best. But if the Associated Press said it, I guess there must be some logic to the reasoning.
What do you think?
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