Justice John Paul Stevens amicably divorces the Supreme Court

Divorce on the Supreme Court
OK. Even for this blog, this is silly. The boss gave me this assignment and I thought, no way can I discuss this in the context of a divorce with a straight face.  Calling the retirement of the Honorable Justice John Paul Stevens (a liberal!) a “divorce” is just dumb, don’t you concur? Whose idea was that, boss? Jeeze. But anyway, we are humbled in DivorceSaloonLand to announce the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens after nearly 30 years on the bench. He was appointed during the Ford(?) administration and has been a liberal voice on the Bench–although, truth be told, I personally can’t remember his rulings from my con law days in law school. Anybody knows a case of his that stand out? I mostly remember Scalia’s cases not Stevens.
In any event, the split is amicable and respectful. He sent a Dear John letter to President Obama today. The White House was not exactly taken my surprise as Hon. Stevens has been hinting that he’d be moving on this summer (he’s 90 years old!). So don’t expect a nuclear divorce reaction.
Wonder who will succeed His Honor? Whomever it turns out to be, we wish Justice Stevens Bon Chance and we say THANK YOU for the work he’s done over the last few decades.
Oh, and by the way, he was only the second sitting justice to ever get an actual “divorce” while on the Bench. Says MSNBC:

In 1979, Stevens became only the second justice to divorce while serving on the court. Stevens and his first wife, Elizabeth Jane Sheeren, had four children. He later married a former Chicago neighbor, Maryan Mulholland Simon.

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