LOS ANGELES: Dennis Hopper divorce case settling down?

I have often wondered why a “dying” Dennis Hopper rushed to file for divorce from his wife of fourteen years while he lay in his sick bed described, by his lawyers and family as “deathly ill.” Well, the New York Times shed some light on that. It’s the prenup. It seems that Hopper and his wife have a prenup that pretty much says if they are divorced at the time she dies, she gets nothing by way of inheritance. Given that there seems to be concurrence that the prostate cancer suffering actor of Speed is near death, I guess it makes sense to hurry hence the divorce. Victoria, his wife has said she feels that they (Dennis’ daughter and the rest of his family) are trying to “cut her out of her inheritance.” But a judges’ recent ruling should slow down the animus momentum just a little bit – at least till the next court hearing. Says the Times:

Hopper’s attorney, Joseph Mannis, said after the hearing that he was happy with the outcome, aside from the judge awarding Victoria Hopper $200,000 in attorney and accountant fees.
He said his side did not intend to further contest the spousal or child support orders but was preparing for a fight over the couple’s prenuptial agreement.
The agreement calls for Victoria Hopper to lose her stake in her husband’s estate if they are divorced or not living together when he dies.
Another hearing on how to divide Hopper’s life insurance policy will be held in May.

So Dennis’ side is happy. Well, not so much about the award of attorney’s fees. But at least, Dennis’ daughter stays on the property and his wife only gets $12000 per month¬†in spousal support (when you consider that Jamie McCourt and Jacqui Getty want $1 million and $300,000 per month, respectively, it puts Victoria’s $12,000 award in perspective pretty quick).
Still, at least this award and ruling seems to have satiated both sides of the nuclear war that has erupted since Denis filed in January. So that’s good.