UNITED KINGDOM: Tories join the "divorce sucks" brigade and propose levy on banks to pay married couples for being coupled

Tories propose a levy on banks to pay married couples a minuscule sum. And why? They seem to believe that this tax break will help couples stay together. (BTW the tax break is also attributable to couples who are cohabiting without the benefit of matrimony).
Will this alleviate the “social pathology” of divorce? Not according to some pundits. They think the tax is a bad idea. First of all, it is the State sticking it’s nose into people’s business and making judgments about their marital status. And what are single people, chopped liver? Isn’t this a form of discrimination?
Times of London:

The Tory case for recognising marriage in the tax system notes the increasing divorce rate since the 1970s. Cohabitation, on the other hand, has risen by 65 per cent in a decade. The argument is that with a breakdown in marriage come increasing social pathologies. If society encourages marriage, then children will tend to have better prospects in education and employment owing to a more stable home life. It is not obvious whether people who are more stable tend to stay married or whether being married helps people to live stable lives….
If recognising marriage were a good idea, this would be the way to do it. It makes sense to enable a married couple to pool their tax allowances too. But recognising marriage is not a good idea. It should be no concern of the State to make judgments on the lives of couples who choose not to marry or people who wish to be solitary.

One has to wonder, objectively, whether this is just a desperate political ploy or whether the Tories truly believe that giving hand outs to married couples – at the expense of banks – will accomplish anything intelligent for society at large, or whether it will simply plunge England further into the financial black hole, it, and the rest of the world, dropped into following the global recession that continues to wreak havoc to this day.
And for that matter, due to this supposed financial black hole, divorces have been down all over the world. So I think I have to aptly dismiss this as a desperate ploy by the Tories to win votes. I see no meaningful and necessary purpose that is being advanced with this silly idea. Read more at the Times.
But it is true that divorce sucks. With that, IĀ agree.
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