AUGUSTA, GA: Tiger Woods – The Masters Tournament 2010: Why winning could save his marriage to Elin

Women love men who are winners. Let’s face it. That is why Hillary stuck with Bill Clinton, and why Silda Wall Spitzer stayed with her ex-governor husband Eliot. It is why Elizabeth Edwards gladly gave John Edwards his walking papers. It’s all about winners and losers. If a man has the winner DNA, he will attract and keep a lot more women than a man who can’t win his way out of a sack. That’s just the nature of women.
Will Tiger win the Masters in 2010? He sure is looking competent on the green, isn’t he. No rust. No nerves. No distractions.  He sure seems to be able to manhandle those golf balls, and fans – both men and women – can’t get enough. Their adulation is so all-encompassing, it is literally making some people in the media absolutely nuts. Why this misplaced adulation for Woods, some wonder? He did a bad thing. He had sex outside his marriage. He had the perfect wife – a beautiful young Swedish blonde – and he cheated on her. How can he be forgiven for such misdeeds? How could his wife fail to divorce him and get a big payout? Why, Why, Why?
Because, women like winners and Tiger Woods has proven time and again, that he is a winner. Nike knew it. That is why they stood by him. Accenture didn’t know it. That is why they dumped him so prematurely. Can Tiger still sell products? Have you been watching the Augusta 2010 Masters Tournament? History will show that the only losers from Tiger’s sex scandals will be those who bet against him.
This tournament was a win win for Woods. Even if he doesn’t win the trophy, this was a win. He came back and he was accepted by those who matter. Plus, his wife forgave him and didn’t file for divorce. Things can only go upwards from here – both for his career and his marriage.
Elin is a typical woman. She loves a winner. If Tiger wins the Masters this year, it will add at least a decade of longevity to his marriage. If he loses, my bet is, she’ll still stick around for a while.
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