LAHORE: Can a Hindu Indian like Sania Mirza and and a Pakistani Muslim like Shoaib Malik beat the divorce odds?

Our hearts go out to love birds Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. It seems their marriage, according to most media outlets, has not been all that well received in their respective countries. Indians are probably taking it a bit harder than Pakistanis. As one source declared, “India and Pakistan have been at odds since time immemorial” and from the looks of things, this just got a bit worse since the two announced their plans to marry.
One smart thing they are planning to do, is to avoid residence in either India or Pakistan. The tennis star and her cricketer beau instead will reside in Dubai. That way, the strife and conflict that are felt by their countrymen will not poison their love and union and destroy their youthful marriage. Will the desert be enough to shield the two from all the toxins of warring nations and help them avoid having to end the marriage in divorce? Only time will tell. Typically, this match up of Hindu and Muslim hasn’t necessarily been all that winning as far as marital bliss. But we shall see. We shall certainly keep you posted.
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