HOLLYWOOD: Liz Taylor to end her divorce streak with new beau Jason Winters

Liz Taylor and her new boyfriend Jason Winters (Janet Jackson’s new manager?) are supposedly engaged. Wow. This will be her ninth divorce if they ever did divorce (assuming the marriage goes through to begin with.) Wow. What is her type? She’s had all these different types of guys as husbands. There is no pattern. It’s been a hodge podge of guys and personalities for this Dame. Wow. How does she do it? What is her charm? So many men married and divorced her.
But we think Jason will be the last one. She is 78 and he is 49. He’s in this thing to stay and it is obviously love because they have been dating a while. I can ne’er imagine them doing the hanky panky. But there are marriages that defy divorce that have nothing to do with the hanky panky. Hanky panky is over-rated, anyways.
Wow. It must be love. What else could it be? And companionship. Why should either of them spend their lives alone when they can marry each other?
Don’t divorce, you two. Stay together forever! And baby dust….shocks, can you imagine if they adopted a baby from Africa or Russia or something?