NEW YORK: Money manager Shele Danishefsky filed for divorce then turned up dead now husband Rod Covlin suspect

According to the New York Post the District Attorney’s Office is considering charges against Rod Covlin in the strangulation (neck compression) death of his money manager wife Shele Danishefsky. The two were in the midst of a divorce (it seemed amicable on the surface) when she was found dead in her bath-tub on New Year’s Eve. A quick funeral sans autopsy was performed because of her religious cultural traditions (she was orthodox Jew) and so it was highly unusual for the police to order a post-burial autopsy. But Shele was exhumed for some strange reason and the medical examiner confirmed that she had been murdered. Now Rod is a prime suspect.
Hopefully this is a witch-hunt and Mr. Covlin didn’t do this. Not that it would be all that big a surprise to discover that in fact he is involved–after all, this type of thing happens quite a bit. But Shele was working in the financial industry on big money cases. She and her father and brother had just switched from Merrill Lynch to to UBS. Obviously, that has nothing to do with it. But it might? Who knows? Rod is obviously an easy suspect but this may not be what it appears. It could be related to her work. Or it could be related to something else. Whatever the case may be, Don will probably need a really good attorney. We hope and pray he had nothing to do with it. 
If he did do this, it leads to my usual question: Why do men kill their wives instead of simply asking for a divorce? In this case, a divorce had been commenced. So what was the motivation for the murder? Did he not want the divorce? It is still puzzling how many guys kill their wives and expect what? That they will get away with it? Well, in this case, if he is guilty, he damn well nearly did. He must have breathed such a sigh of relief when they buried her without any accusations. He must have thought, “whew!”
But, if guilty, he obviously celebrated too quickly.
What can women do to protect themselves from these divorce murderers? It happens too often. It’s a crisis.