PARIS: French president Nicolas Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni angered by adultery and divorce rumours; is Rachida Dati to blame?

Is former Sarkozy protegée Rachida Dati behind the vicious and persistent rumors about the state of his marriage to former model (sometimes nude)and current pop star Carla Bruni? The rumor mill has been whirling for some time that both the President and the first lady are having affairs and at one point, it was said that the two were living apart. It seemed unbelievable given the chemistry they seem to share, and the short duration (about two years) of their marriage. Could they both have tired of each other so soon? Could a second divorce on his presidential watch be imminent? Inquiring minds want to know.
According to the Times of London and the French paper, Le Journal du Dimanche something untoward is probably going on in that some believe that the President and his wife have started a witch-hunt on Rachida Dati, his former minister, secretly blaming her for being the snitch who tipped off a blogger who announced on Twitter that there was trouble in the Sarkozy-Bruni paradise. This rumor seems to have driven Mr. Sarkozy stark raving mad. And some feel that he has totally over-reacted to the rumors by ordering Ms. Dati’s phones to be tapped, among other horrors.
The Sarkozy’s have denied this and Ms. Bruni reportedly went on a radio programme, in an unprecedented show of solidarity, to call Dati a “friend.” This of course is news to a lot of people who don’t believe there is any love lost between Carla Bruni and Rachida Dati. Their rivalry goes way back to the start of Carla’s courtship with Nicolas and it was even rumored that Rachida and Nicolas had had a little, how shall we say? Fling. This of course proved to be false. It was also proven to be false that Nicolas Sarkozy was the father of Rachida Dati’s baby girl, Zohra. 
Neither Carla Bruni nor her husband Nicolas Sarkozy are amused by the rumors. According to the Times of London, Sarkozy’s rep had this to say:

“We are going to war on these ignominious reports. We want to take things as far as we can to make sure this will never happen again. We want those who tried to spread fear to feel fear themselves,” he said. The supposed plot may have had foreign origins because the rumour was published in some British and German papers, Charon said. The idea was to “destabilise” Sarkozy when he was about to take over chairmanship of the G20 group of nations next year, he said. Thierry Herzog, Sarkozy’s lawyer, says private individuals or an organised cabal set out to “destabilise the Sarkozy couple.”

This sounds serious and it is unclear what the outcome will be. In the end, it won’t be surprising if the Sarkozys bring charges in France, Britain, Germany and even the U.S. for slander.
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