LA: Conan O'Brien, flush with cash from his divorce settlement with NBC, rebounds with TBS kicking George Lopez to the curb

Here’s a guy who can’t and won’t be kept down by a surprise divorce. Conan has reportedly inked a deal with TBS that necessitated kicking George Lopez out of George’s time slot to make room for the spurned Tonight Show host.¬† That means that Conan and his nemesis Jay Leno will be going head to head for ratings come this November. (You may recall that NBC dumped Conan and asked for it’s former spouse, Leno, back, after Conan couldn’t live up to Leno’s ratings glory.) Buyer’s remorse notwithstanding, it was very bad form for NBC because it made the network look slightly boorish as is kicked poor Conan to the curb and picked back up with Leno.
Nobody can accuse Conan of acting like a spurned wife, however. He took it like a man, went on holiday with his wife, and invested the divorce settlement, which, reportedly, was in the double digit millions. And before you knew it, he had other suitors and here we are today, TBS has asked for his hand in marriage – and Conan took the bait even though he had to do to George what Leno did to him. La dee da.
Well, George is acting slightly polygamous and he doesn’t seem to mind. He reportedly personally called Conan to welcome him into the harem.¬† From all accounts, the TBS compound is home to one, big, happy family and Conan could have done a lot worse, all things considering.
So, what can we say? Mazel Tov?