ARIZONA: Tucson businessman Bill Acorn launches the "Divorce Recovery Kit" for men

Arizona businessman Bill Acorn sees a need in the Internet retail market for high end lifestyle products for men, post-divorce, and he is exploiting it big time. The entrepreneur has launched a “Divorce Recovery Kit” on his website The Oak Street Man – a venue for discriminating men of means to purchase high end products on the Internet such as corkscrews, wine glasses, towel sets, pots, furniture and shaving kits, among other goodies. Says Acorn via a press release:

“The number of men getting divorced and having to establish new residences is amazing,” Acorn says. Fifty percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. “It’s our goal to make that transition easier,” says Acorn. “One click at and you’re ready to live and relax in style.” Acorn notes that consumers can mix and match from among OakStreet Man’s wide-ranging products to assemble kits or select individual gifts for any man and any occasion. All items arrive in handsome OakStreet Man logo boxes.

Wow. It is our believe that the divorce industry is going to explode in the coming years. Entrepreneurs are realizing what a huge untapped market it is. With the rate of divorce what it currently is around the world, (numbers were steadily trending upwards pre-recession) more people are going to need recovery kits than ever. Women and men. Here at Divorce Saloon, we have launched our own online store that sells themed products from our blog such as t-shirts, mugs and sneakers. But it would be amazing to be able to offer high end products like what Mr. Acorn is offering. Maybe that is in our future. Hey, maybe we can team up with him?
Either way, I think it is a stroke of genius and we wish Mr. Acorn success with that. Kudos for this great idea.