Change: Divorce can be a very good thing even if it means you will be a single parent

The word “change” has almost become a trademark or a brand. It all started with Barack Obama and his historic run for the presidency of the United States. The whole campaign was reduced or elevated by one word: CHANGE. Now, it’s all about Change. Today on Twitter,” Change” is trending worldwide. How come?
This decade is about Change. And change may be in store for you too. But what is that change? It could be anything at all – change in your family structure for one thing. It could be that the change you are talking about is you getting a divorce. Don’t panic. In some cases, divorce can be a very good thing. It could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You never know.
A bad marriage is worse than cancer. It eats you up alive, till there is nothing left, not even your spirit. Sure, getting a divorce is stressful, sad and serious and you should approach it with total circumspection especially if there are children involved. But when you get to a certain level of toxicity, then is this marriage worth saving anymore even for the kids? Could a divorce ever be the best thing for the kids?
Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and call the marriage what it was: a contretemps. A mistake of your youth or mid life crisis. And then, you move on to the good things that are waiting to happen once you remove this bad energy from your space.
Change can be good. Most often than not, change is good. Sure, there are times when it is wiser to leave well enough alone. But you know in your soul when the marriage is so toxic, that you need to leave the toxic dump and find fresh air to breath.
The only advice for you is: GET A GOOD DIVORCE LAWYER. Or, if you prefer mediation to litigation, or even to get a collaborative divorce, search for these professionals and make sure you’re legal rights are protected.
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