COSTA RICA: Divorce laws are complex and favor women

I came across a website the other day that had some good information for expats who want a divorce in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has become this huge playground for a lot of American and European expats looking for good weather, brown beauties and a laid back lifestyle. There’s nothing not to like. However, it seems that more than a few expats have found themselves snared by local women who are not all that “virtuous” if you know what I mean and then when it is time to get a divorce, they find themselves in a big mess given that the local divorce laws and the divorce courts are hostile to foreigners (men especially) and sympathetic to locals and women. If I remember correctly, the article even discussed the fact that if an expat owes child support, he can forget about getting out of Costa Rica without leaving a hefty deposit. And that is hardly the only issue of concern. Read the article for yourself which you can find at this link. (I do not vouch for the accuracy of the information at this link.)
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