CONNECTICUT: Recently divorced sportscaster Jim Nantz passed Judgment on Tiger Woods

CONNECTICUT: When you live in glass houses, avoid throwing stones, Mr. Nantz. Celeb sportscaster Jim Nantz is reportedly outraged by Tiger Woods’ lack of morality. Shane Bacon did a piece for Yahoo news and in it, it appears Mr. Nantz is horrified that Tiger used words such as “Tiger you suck” and “Jesus Christ” during the Masters tournament. The holier than thou Nantz then made some comparisons between Tiger and other top golfers such as Phil Michelson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus making the point that these gentlemen would never have blasphemed on the air the way Tiger did. Nantz also seemed, as I said, put off by Tiger’s immorality.
But didn’t Nantz just get divorced recently? Wasn’t adultery involved? Or was that a different Mr. Nantz? I could almost swear that he got divorced last year and left his wife for a twenty-something woman. How is he any better than Tiger? Oh, wait. Maybe he means he was classy about it. It is not that you can’t commit adultery on your wife.¬† It’s how you go about it.
Well, at least Tiger did not commit the “sin” of divorce, Jim. So if I were you, I wouldn’t go around throwing stones at the guy. Cause from where I’m sitting, looks to me that your entire house is composed of glass, and at this rate, somebody might throw something in it and I don’t think I have to tell you what happens when glass houses get stoned…….. ok, fine. He just announced the divorce.¬†But still. You live in a glass house Mr Nantz.
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