Larry King an ogre who does not want to pay spousal support

EĀ  online is reporting that Larry King has asked that his wife of 13 years Shawn Southwick not receive spousal support as part of the ancillary relief of their divorce judgment. But he’s not a total monster. It appears he’s willing to pay reasonable child support for his two sons with Southwick, Chance and Cannon.
Radaronline is saying that both Larry and Shawn have lousy tempers and that they slapped each other in public once when a fight turned bitter. Larry is so diminutive, though. It’s hard to believe he’s a domestic abuser. Shawn literally towers over the little monster ogre (we are being facetious.) After all, Shawn reportedly, according to Larry, was supposedly bonking their son’s coach. That is ridiculous. Why would she stoop to that? But Radaronline is saying Larry’s making these allegations. And of course, Shawn posits that Larry bonked her sister. Whaaaaat?