NBC Sports news article implies that Elin Nordegren Woods is a shallow wife who will divorce her husband now that he lost a tournament

FLORIDA: Come on, NBC Sports. Your article that you reprinted about the post-Masters state of Tiger and Elin Woods’ marriage – from People Magazine –¬† is lame, lame, lame. You know the one,¬†Elin furious over Tiger Ad? That is just stupid and nobody who has any real intelligence believes it. Furthermore, it makes Elin look like a shallow gold digger. Had Tiger won the Masters, nobody would be writing that article. He lost so now she’s “furious”? She “wants a divorce”? She’s left her kids with an nanny and gone to…where’s she gone to? Please. This is stupid. Both People Magazine and NBC Sports are embarrassing for printing that ridiculous article. You can’t seriously think a man do deep in the dog house with his wife would have run that article without her approval, can you? You can’t think anybody would believe that propaganda? You can’t think readers are that dense. You can’t expect the reading public to be so gullible and mindless that they would believe Tiger participated in the Masters without Elin’s consent? Under the circumstances they faced? Are you serious?¬† Come on, most of America is at least high school educated and don’t believe your garbage just because NBC Sports and People Magazine said it. How could you insult people’s intelligence in this way? Please! How insulting you would write such an article. It’s so stupid. What kind of people read this stuff and take it as dictum? It’s incredibly annoying. It really is. It is so stupid. I can’t believe it. And if Elin divorces him now after he lost the masters I would be surprised. That is insulting to Elin, to suggest she is that shallow and that much of a gold digger. Ew. The girl stayed all these months after everything that happened. Give her some credit for having more depth than to leave over an ad she obviously knew about before it aired and in spite of the fact that her husband lost the Masters. I am insulted for Elin on this one. How totally ludicrous that article was. OMG I can’t stop ranting about its idiocy. Jeeze.