Larry King divorce a big fat hoax: only an idiot would believe Larry slept with Shannon

Larry King divorce is a big fat hoax.
Don’t believe those rumors that Larry King and his beautiful wife Shawn are getting divorced. They fight a lot, true and both have tempers. But they love each other and have been going strong for 13 years. They are solid. This marriage is not going to end in divorce. It’s a hoax. They had a bad fight and they both threatened to file and they called each other’s bluff and filed within minutes of each other. Shawn is pissed off because she believes Larry’s been having an affair with her sister Shannon Engemann. That’s stupid. That is just stupid. Shannon loves Shawn like a sister. Shannon would never sleep with Shawn’s husband. Yes, she visits Larry at the office and they are good friends. Shannon respects Larry and thinks of him as a father. Larry has been very generous to Shannon. He buys her nice things. But this is not sexual and Shawn knows this. Shawn is being a little paranoid actually and everybody knows it. Shawn is pissed off. When she gets pissed off, she has the power to piss off Larry and he got pissed off yesterday. And he called his lawyer and filed the papers. But they are not really divorcing. There’s too much as stake not the least of which is their kids. They both love those boys like nothing else in the world.
But if I were Larry I’d go for sole custody. Because Shawn…she loves them and all, but she is volatile. She can be volatile.
But it’s a hoax. The whole thing is one big, fat hoax.