Cristiano Ronaldo a "divorce" waiting to happen for Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian looks great nude. It’s made her a star. She’s single again after getting let go by her man of 3 years Reggie Bush – the second public recent break up for the pair. Kim was hoping for an engagement ring so that she could follow in her sister’s footstep. Word now is that Kim has hooked up with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The boy/man/Real Madrid star was born in 1985 which means that Kim is nearly old enough to be his mother. So that is one reason why they would wind up divorced if Kim got crazy and eloped with the adolescent. But another reason is, he is not Black. When was the last time Kim had a successful relationship with a man who is not Black? Ray-J, Reggie….But stranger things have happened. Maybe she will get her engagement ring. And then maybe they will get married. And maybe it will last. It is not a foregone conclusion that a marriage between those two will definitely end in divorce.
Besides, Cristiano is hot!
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