Divorce could make you live to 150!

Tara Parker Pope did an article in this week’s New York Times called, Health and the Happy Marriage. Apparently, the health of your marriage is tied to the health of your body. Okay. Makes sense. Does it likewise make sense that an unhappy marriage can ruin your health? I think so.¬† I think any unhappy relationship can cut your life span significantly, and wreck your health, exacerbating, or even creating health problems that would have been better if you were not married or in a relationship with that person.
Case in point. I was reading an article in this month’s GQ Magazine (the one with Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover) which was rather compelling. It seems the science now exists that shows that we all will soon be able to live to be at least 150 years old routinely (and some of us may never die!)….but then again, is that assuming we are married to someone who destroys our health? Or are we married to someone who is good for our health? Or are we single?
I’m thinking that there is no darned reason to stay in an unhappy marriage or an unhappy relationship. Unhappy relationships make you gain weight. Look at what happened to me. Look at what happened to Gabourey Sidibe.¬† Look at that poor girl’s upper arms. MoNique did that to her. No, seriously.
Unhappy relationships, just like unhappy marriages can only harm and shorten your life. If your marriage (or relationship with whomever)¬† is making you miserable, chances are it’s also making you unhealthy; and chances are you will be dead way before 150. Get out of it. No, seriously. Get a Divorce. It’s the smart thing to do.
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