MOSCOW: Are Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko (the billionaire and the supermodel) having marriage problems?

MOSCOW: The Melnichenkos – the billionaire and the supermodel – are happily married, thank you, and will never divorce. They are not the Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brandt of Russia. These two live a storied fairytale life filled with laughter and joie de vivre as they cruise the globe in Andreys yacht “A.”¬† Why would anybody be unhappy when they can live on a yacht like “A.” The Wall Street Journal describes “A” (a Phillippe Starck designed masterpiece) as “the most talked about yacht on the high seas” that makes Roman Abramovich’s yacht look tacky. Both men are billionaire members of the Russian oligarchy. Roman is of course divorced and is now dating the daughter of a billionaire. The Melnichenkos are not divorced and if there are rumors that suggest to the contrary, these are outright lies. And really, it has nothing to do with the yacht. They just simply love each other. What a concept, right?