Should there be a legal limit to the number of legal divorces (or marriages) a person can have?

Should there be a limit to the number of divorces a person can legally get? Think about it. An individual can have infinite number of spouses so long as he or she divorces the previous one before hitching on to the next spouse (to avoid bigamy and polygamy jail sentences like those polygamous guys did this week in Texas).
But why is it fair  that serial marriages and serial divorces are permitted when all states criminalize having simultaneous serial spouses, aka, polygamy? One of the criticisms of polygamy is that it creates confusion and chaos to the family structure. But how is multiple marriages, albeit marriages that are entered into after legal divorces have occurred, any less chaotic and confusing given the number of families today with multiple, extended step-families and children, and the number of people who seem to have absolutely no respect for the “sanctity” of marriage (if they did, arguably they simply wouldn’t keep marrying and divorcing like its a fashion statement.)
Why is polygamy against the law but at the same time, no state has seen fit to limit the number of divorce or marriages that a person can enter into? Isn’t serial marriages and divorces just a distorted form of polygamy? Isn’t it really the same thing, the same coin, just another side of it? Why isn’t serial marriage and serial divorce sanctioned by the state and the courts? Elizabeth Taylor has been married about nine times. Larry King is up to his seventh divorce and eighth marriage. These are two people I know about. But there are so many other people who seem to make a career out of getting married and divorced and continuing to do it without regard. Yet, others who have more than one spouse, and who probably remain married for life to these spouses, and who may otherwise take their “vows” “seriously”, are jailed; because the state has decided that having more than one spouse contemporaneously is a big crime.
Just like polygamy is disallowed, arguably, serial marriages and divorces should likewise be disallowed. In a civilized society, there is no place for either of these scenarios. Allowing one but not the other smacks of hypocrisy. It’s unequal treatment. It  violates the Equal Protection Clauses of both the state and federal constitutions. Either both scenarios should be allowed or both scenarios should be disallowed.
What do you think?
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