STOCKHOLM: Sweden is one of the "greenest" countries so why is the divorce rate so high?

SWEDEN: Time Magazine ran an article lately about how the Swedes are using the body heat of commuters in Central Station in Stockholm to power/heat buildings down the street. No, seriously. It’s some sort of new, green energy source that harnesses the body heat of commuters and uses it to literally heat the buildings nearby. Well, got me to thinking about divorce in Sweden,¬† a red hot issue, which, admittedly, is no green affair.
Sweden has one of the highest rates of divorce in the Western Hemisphere. It defies logic because divorce is not “green.” Everyone pretty much concurs that divorce leaves a heavy carbon footprint and gives off emissions in the universe. Given that the Swedes are so green, it is confusing how such a country can have such a high rate of divorce. How does one square these two things? Why don’t Swedes respect marriage as much as they seem to respect the environment?
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