WALL STREET: Are divorces looming now that the SEC has charged Goldman Sachs?

NEW YORK: SEC CHARGES GOLDMAN SACHS…DIVORCES TO FOLLOW? Daily Kos just ran a story about how the SEC is charging Goldman Sachs and a vice president with civil fraud that relates to the meltdown in the housing sector, subprime loans, and god knows what else. These activities probably helped tank the economy. I never thought everything was 1000% kosher with Goldman to be quite honest. We even did a post about how to divorce the Goldman Sachs husband because we just got a bad feeling that some bad things were coming their way. So far, only a vice president is charged in this subprime mortgage scam. Who? Don’t know yet. Will have to dig during the day when I free up some time. For now, there’s a shake up with Goldman. Not a big surprise. And if divorces start popping up, won’t be surprised either. Stay tuned.
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