SUDAN: Is Africa's largest country poised for a friendly divorce?

SUDAN Times of London claims that Sudan may be splitting into two come this January – North and South Sudan – aka, getting a divorce. Is this bad? The way it sounds, if there is a divorce in Sudan, then the South will be pretty much up the creek since they lack the infrastructure to sustain a civilized country, to wit:

 Last week, Timenoted that Juba, set to become the world’s newest capital city of the world’s newest country, has no landline telephones, no public transport, no power grid, no industry, no agriculture and few buildings; some government ministries are built from prefab cabins and shipping containers. The magazine added: “How can southern Sudan become an independent nation when it possesses so little of what defines one? Many aid workers and development experts in Juba doubt it can. They have coined a new term to describe its unique status: pre-failed state.”

That’s slightly scary. If one is thinking about divorce,  one ought to be sure that one can survive on one’s own without one’s spouse. Does the South think that the North will pay alimony? Why fight for independence if they lack the necessities to actually be independent? Seems slightly ridiculous to me….oh. wait. I guess that means they have to figure out how to become self-sufficient. Isn’t that what newly single divorced people do?
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