FRANCE: French footballers in prostitution scandal….divorces to follow?

PARIS: According to the French paper/sports magazine, L’Equipe, there’s some trouble brewing in Paris for French footballers, including star player, (no pun intended) Franck Ribéry. Some nonsense to do with a French nightclub “frequented by international football players” that “employs prostitutes.” What does this have to do with divorce? Well, as they put it in the Times of London:

L’Equipe said the French players were unlikely to be charged in connection with the case, but said the fallout could be ”costly”. It said they could face divorce proceedings and a loss of sponsorship.

There are about three players, including Franck, who are under suspicion of using the services of the escorts  prostitutes, and one guy even admitted to having intercourse with an underage prostitute but he claims he “didn’t know she was under 18.” French privacy laws will likely protect these guys from having a Tiger Wood-esque public relations meltdown, more than likely. But whether their marriages will survive this brouhaha is another question. Certainly, there is some doubt in their circles that divorce will not be the ultimate outcome of these transgressions. I kinda doubt it will come to that myself. Sure the wives will be upset, but this type of behavior from sports stars is almost de rigeuer. Wives around the world who are married to these high testosterone guys are less and less likely to ask for a divorce for tiny little mishaps such as this. I mean, the cheating-with-embarassisng-women comes with the marriage sort of the way a herniated disc comes with the car in a personal injury case.
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