Dear Diary, does Irina Abramovich have a post-divorce couture habit?

Dear Diary
Irina Abramovich has a couture habit and since her divorce from oligarch Roman Abramovich she’s been buying a ton of couture. One dress can pretty much feed all the kids in Malawi.¬† Speaking of her ex husband. The one thing I can say about Irina is that she has a lot of class. Not that her husband doesn’t. But what was up with the New Year’s Eve party in St. Barts? St. Barts is so overdone and over-run with D list starlet wannabes. You would think a guy who has enough money to hire Beyonce for New Year’s Eve could have more class than to throw a gaudy New Years Eve party in St. Barts. He spent over $5 million dollars to bore his guests! Well, I’m glad I wasn’t invited. My taste in party locales run a bit deeper and more exclusive. Like….oh, I don’t know. I like to go to places like Necker Island. See, why doesn’t Roman buy his own island like Branson did? Then throw a party. Now, that’s interesting. And classy….
Back to Irina. She definitely has a couture habit, I’ve heard. It’s almost as if she has replaced her love for Roman with a love for couture, now that they’ve divorced.
But Roman is cute. He’s really, really cute.