Dear Diary, does Tinsley Mortimer want ex-husband Topper Mortimer back?

Dear Diary,
I have a huge confession to make. I watched an episode of Tinsley Mortimer and her cronies (and her mother and sister) on High Society tonight on the CW, and omg, they are so deep! I had no idea it was on tonight. I was near a television and it said the show was coming up next, and so I stuck around and watched, against my better judgment….What struck me was how many times she mentioned ex-husband Topper. She even asked the housekeeper if she should get back with him and she says he texts her a lot and that he wants to get back. I was like, whaaaat? So all this garbage I was reading in the press about her being over him is just trash? Or was I watching a re-run? No. I don’t think so. It’s way to soon for re-runs. That was real time. And she was bitching about getting her ex back even though she just divorced him. Wow. So she’s fixing to become a serial marrier. She was like, “Topper came over and I was naked and it was normal.” What a hot mess these socialites are! 
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