Miami ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro busted for alleged $900M fraud. Did he buy any jewelry for the wife?

The new Bernie Madoff takes his bow. Give  a warm welcome to Miami’s Nevin Shaprio, the alleged $900 million ponzi schemer. The only question I have for now is…well, I have two. One, is he married? Two, is he divorced? Oh, there is a third. Were there any jewelry purchases at places like Harry Winston and the like for the wife? Or even the mistress? And will there be restitution? In other words, will the wives have to give the stuff back?
EVENING UPDATE: Why would Mr. Shapiro have given “diamond encrusted handcuffs” to an NBA player as is alleged here? Why is that painting a weird picture in my head for some weird reason? Was this guy married? This inquiring mind really needs to know?