Beth Rudin Dewoody NOT gloating over ex husband Paolo Pellegrini's troubles

The New York socialite and art aficionado had a tough time letting go of her marriage to Paolo Pellegrini. She said at the time that their divorce was “amicable.” They tried to work it out a few times, but in the end, succombed to the split. Like everyone else, Beth is taking a wait and see attitude with this Goldman Sachs mess. But in case you are wondering, she has every faith in Paolo and wish him well. She knows he did not do anything wrong. But not to worry. Beth didn’t get a dime of Paolo’s $175 bonus from Goldman. She didn’t need it. Her daddy, the late Lewis Rudin, was a zillionaire, after all. So, whatever Paolo did with the money, he sure didnt’ spend it on Beth. Au contraire, Beth was probably the one to spend money on Paolo while they were married.