HIGH SOCIETY: Will Devorah Rose divorce Tinsley Mortimer's reality show? Season 2 won't be the same without her!

Dear Diary,
Word from Guest of a Guest and Scallywag&vagabond is that Devorah Rose, Tinsley’s nemesis on High Society, wants a divorce.
No. It’s more like she wants a pay raise. Oh, wait. Still wrong. It’s just that she doesn’t want to be around Tinsley and her other coterie of wannabes cronies (including Tinsley’s mother Dale, omg!) anymore. Apparently, it’s not an act. Devorah really does hate Tinsley. She said some choice things about Tinsley according to both the snarky blogs cited above, including one time she allegedly compared Tinsley to a Burger King hamburger. Well, if Devorah leaves, will there necessarily be a dearth of Tinsley haters to bring on the Hamptons chapter of the show? Why not bring on Olivia Palermo? (Divorce Saloon staff tells me they still can’t believe how much traffic that post brings in after nearly two years!!!) Olivia supposedly was “gloating” when Tinsley and Topper’s marriage imploded. Divorce has been good for Tinsley.
Olivia is so pretty, isn’t she?