Was Tinsley Mortimer's divorce good for her handbag line? Or is it the reality show High Society that's moving sales?

Tinsley Mortimer is quoted as saying this about being divorced:

 “I like being self-sufficient and making my own money. For me to be in a position where I could walk away from my marriage and do it on my own was empowering. I walk into my apartment and I’m proud of myself. It’s all me.”

There’s no question that Brand Tinsley is pulsating right now and that sales are hot. If it hasn’t happened yet, one expects Tinsley to get her own line of shoes and clothes and perfume to go with that handbag line pretty soon. But what is responsible for her meteoric rise and this quickening fat that’s suddenly padding her wallet? Is it the mere fact of her divorce that is making her that much more confident (which leads to success?) or is it the fact that the reality show has widened her audience base and visibility, which in turn helps her grow her brand and sell more bags, aka, make more money? Is it the divorce or the show or a combination of the two that is pushing brand Tinsley through the stratosphere? Inquiring minds want to know.